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Drought tolerant hardy fescue grass seed for lawns

Heat Wave Turf-Type Tall Fescue Blend

Kansas City home owners that place low maintenance at the top of their priority list should choose some of the excellent new turf-type tall fescues now available. Bullseye® and Turbo® turf-type fescue grass seeds have developed a reputation for maintaining a dark green color and low growth canopy.


Only the most heat tolerant and drought tolerant improved turf-type fescue grasses with superior performance in the Kansas City area are selected for Heat Wave™ improved turf-type fescue blend. The deeper growing root system of Heat Wave fescue will allow grass plants to naturally access more water and nutrients without the need of extensive watering. Heat Wave™ improved turf-type fescue blend contains new generation drought tolerant fescue grass seed varieties having significant advances over early coarse fescue types.


Heat Wave™ is the top quality improved turf-type fescue blend specifically selected for Kansas City.  Improved turf-type fescue varieties are chosen for color, wear, heat and drought tolerance. Heat Wave™ improved turf-type tall fecue is blended and tested to be free of noxious weeds. Weed contamination routinely found in coarse fescue blends is never found in Heat Wave™ improved turf-type tall fescue.


Macho Mix grass seed

Macho Mix™, elite fescue/sports turf rye grass seed mix, specially selected for Kansas City. Very good shade tolerance as well as an excellent full sun performer. Macho Mix™ contains 5% perennial sport turf perennial rye grass seed. Sports turf perennial rye has the ability to hold the fescue up in heavy traffic areas. Great for play zones and dog runs. The quick germination from sports turf perennial rye grass makes Macho Mix™ a valuable tool when needing quick cover or a fast start for slopes.
logo/HEATWAVEPLUS185X104.jpgHeat Wave Plus: The latest advance in turf-type tall fescue genetics is Heat Wave Plus mixed with a heat tolerant bluegrass. This combination provides turf with all the benefits of Heat Wave improved turf-type fescue as well as the healing and thickening characteristics of bluegrass.


Kentucky 31 Fescue Clump
Ugly Kentucky 31 Fescue Clump

When choosing a grass seed mix, read the label carefully. Avoid mixes that contain course bladed varieties K-31 pasture fescue and other coarse fescue types. In our area, K-31 is a special problem. By itself, it is a coarse bladed grass best suited for pastures and landfills

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