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Northern Cardinal

Birding and gardening are amazingly similar. Both involve observing colors and habits; watering and feeding; enjoying nature and of course, deterring pesky intruders. Like gardening, birding is an activity for all season, offering year-round enjoyment for all ages and all levels of interest. So, when you're planning your garden, think about the birds, too. You can incorporate feeding areas, feeders and birdbaths into your design and create a true backyard habitat.

Put out the welcome mat!

Habitat loss is the biggest challenge facing birds. You can help by making your neighborhood more attractive to birds by landscaping with native plants such as Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry provides a natural food source.

Prepare a proper menu

Providing the appropriate foods year round will attract more birds to your yard and help ensure they have a safe and nutritious diet. Refill feeders regularly with food desired by birds in your areas.

Keep feed and feeding areas clean.

Help reduce the possibility of disease transmission in birds, clean feeders and feeding areas at least once each month. Plastic and metal feeders can go in the dishwasher. Scrub birdbaths with a brush and replace water every three to five days to discourage mosquito reproduction.

Birds and chemicals don't mix

Many pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are toxic to birds. Avoid using these near areas where birds feed, bathe or rest. Always follow directions provided by chemical manufacturers.


Without going into too much detail about the different types of seed, here are some basics. Black oil sunflower, safflower and sunflower chips attract the widest variety of birds, from large to small. Nyjer® is the best bet for finches and peanuts are great for nuthatches, doves and woodpeckers. Uncle's Premium Wild Bird Seed Mix includes a good range of seeds to attract the best variety of birds to your backyard.

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